Saturday, February 13, 2010

chick fights on the rise

I've seen one full on, bare-knuckled 'chick fight' my whole life. (And these were rich WHITE chicks. A very rare bird. Like 'Dodo bird rare', son ! ). Was it hot, you ask? Well, if the girls were hot it mighta been hotter. But they wasn't. Two ugly girls fighting? Much less attractive. Boner shrinker. F-U-G-L-Y. Because we guys are ugly and you girls are pretty, and the allure of a chick fight is that suddenly you've gone medieval on each other. Apparently it's happening more often. I blame all the 'growth hormones' in the food. Over the years, it's made you ladies' boobs bigger (yay), your periods stronger (boo), and your estrogen levels skyrocket (hmm).

I will admit that two hot girls fighting is definitely captivating. But I'm a lover, not a fighter.. therefore, two hot girls 'making up', after a fight? NOW you're talking, Buckwheat. So women, the moral of this blog is: Make love, not war. 'Cause it's hot.

On another note, ladies - learn to head butt - it'll end the fight quick, you won't get a bunch of nasty scratches, and you can get back to your wine cooler.

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  1. yeah...that's alright...but how about these kids...and the security guards who know how to handle a situation...the reason the girl gives for beating up the other girl was for acting too white...hmmmm

  2. Acting 'too white'?

    Well... that makes sense, I'd beat the shit out of any white dude acting too black. But then again, would I be acting 'too black' by beating him up? And then would I have to beat myself? But would that be 'too white'?

    Its a darn conundrum.

  3. Mud wrestling is much more entertaining to watch, and the majority of the time they are hot.