Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Apparently, bad service can get you killed!

So.. a dude claiming to be a member of the Saudi royal family is being questioned by police on suspicion of murder after one of his servants was found strangled to death at the five-star Landmark Hotel in Marylebone, Central London.

'Royal Dude' told police he was a prince of the Saudi royal family, and was arrested several hours after the discovery of a body at the Landmark Hotel. Royal Dude is believed to have been in London as a tourist and flew around the world accompanied by his aide.

The suspect (Royal Dude) told police he was a cousin of King Abdullah. Following his arrest on Monday evening, police sources said Royal Dude is not covered by diplomatic immunity,

The victim, part of the Royal Dude's entourage, was found dead in a suite by a maid, having suffered severe head injuries in the attack.

Okay, now some FREE advice for all the other royal dudes in Saudi Arabia.. or where ever other royal dudes live.

If your servant, or slave, or whatever.. gets uppity with you, make said servant take off all their clothes and (based on their gender) dance either the 'jiggly weiner dance'.. or (my fave) the 'jiggly boobies dance'. Maybe throw a few cream pies at them while they do this. Maybe even film it, and post the whole dance on YouTube.


What ever happened to an old fashioned spanking?

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