Monday, August 23, 2010

The Evening is Hot!

Hello Peeps,

Well, the "scene" is great. Bohemian style dresses with strappy heels that remind me of LA. Ladies, the men in this city seem to stay in the gym and are gentlemen. Apparently, the word is out about the "Bad Kids". Monica was asked to sign autographs at the hotel's lobby, as we headed to dinner. It looks like we are all going to head out, for another night on the town. Or, reconvene tomorrow for brunch?! Myself and Alyssa are contemplating a night at the hot tub and beauty rest... Either way, this city's night life is off the chain and consumes you.

Ciao, Molly.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

BKGtH Invades Chi~town.

Yo, Chicago!
As we pull into the city it seems to consume us with it's energy. Not sure yet if this place is ready for the full take over, that is about to occur. One of our baddest kids, Dana, has us over at her swanky spot in Downtown. As we all get fly for the evening, cocktails are being poured. The view is amazing and of course, Molly is taking forever, so everyone is getting anxious. Miss Alyssa is looking extra hot this evening in her new Gucci heels. We are all finally ready and the driver is here!

Stay tuned, for the shenanigans that follow...