Monday, May 17, 2010

oops, I did it again.

Urban Legend?

DAUGHTER: Daddy, I want to borrow your new Ferrari.

FATHER: Uh. But I haven't had a chance to drive my car yet. It's only got 9 miles on it.

DAUGHTER: (pouty) But daaaaaaaddddd...

FATHER: Sweetie, it's worth $1,000,000. Just drive the Bentley, okay? Please?

DAUGHTER: (more pouty) But daaaaaaaddddddyyyyyyy...

FATHER: Oh, jeee-zus. Okay, but just around the block. If you even scratch it, there will be hell to pay, understand?

DAUGHTER: Yeah,yeah,yeah...


Ring, Ring. Ring, Ring.

FATHER: (answering phone) Hello?

DAUGHTER: (long pause on phone line) Uh, dad?

The story ends with the father hanging up the phone and forgetting he even had a daughter. Later that day, he emptied the family joint bank account and hightailed it to Argentina. He's now quite happy living under the name 'Keith Krush', and working as a super star DJ.

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