Monday, March 1, 2010

Don't Hurt 'Em, Hammer.

Apparently, "The Hurt Locker" is being thrown into the hurt locker for not being so accurate.

Now, let me be clear: The Doors NEVER drove into the desert and dropped acid. There was NO mysterious Mister X that "broke it down" to Jim Garrison about who might have wanted JFK killed. And Jack the Ripper was NOT a member of ANY royal family , (NOR a Freemason) who killed whores in a cover up!

So WHY would you think any EOD team member would ACTUALLY run around Iraq like a cowboy (with wire cutters?!?!) defusing deadly explosives and shit, while putting other team members at risk?

If it's on celluloid, it's just one thing: Entertainment.

And in its defense, a damn good piece of entertainment at that. Please give this movie the Oscar!

And "yes," even the Michael Moore stuff is nothing but entertainment, bitches. They don't ACTUALLY give you guns at a bank.

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  1. more legal woes for "The Hurt Locker"...
    New 'Hurt Locker' Lawsuit Claims Sergeant Served as Film's Uncompensated Inspiration...
    read about it here: